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Our services 

Team alignment sessions for business units, cross-functional and project teams of middle and top levels

Team alignment sessions delivery
  • Analysis of team efficiency (internal cooperation and communication) based on Gallup 12, Hay surveys and High-Performing team “barometers”

  • Team coaching for solutions to complex situations in communication including the relationship between the team and its leader

  • Feedback team sessions

  • Sessions based on team profiles, their strengths and development zones (MBTI, FIRO-B and EBW)

  • Facilitation of group discussions.

Leadership development programs
Development programs for middle and top-level managers, which include “in-class” modules, webinars and various forms of learning between them (project groups, individual assignments, mentoring, etc.). The programs focus on two main areas

Creating developmental environment

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Development of leadership potential

  • Motivation and people engagement

  • Feedback as a development instrument

  • Trust and psychological safety in teams

  • Life-long learning: principles and practice

Creating inclusive team culture

  • Human Bridges:

    • Module 1: How to work across cultures

    • Module 2: How to lead across cultures

    • Module 3: How to build truly inclusive team culture

  • Gender diversity: Glass Ceiling - does it really exist?

  • Different personalities and thinking diversity (based on MBTI and other psychometric instruments)​

Leadership development programs creation

All these programs are available for face-to-face and for online delivery.

Organizational development and HR consulting

Organizational development and HR consulting
  • Development and implementation of internal programs such as Talent development, Graduate program, Mentoring and coaching in organizations, Career management, etc.;

  • Assessment centers: design of cases, motivational interviews, training for in-house assessors, assessment centers delivery;

  • Assessment of team efficiency;

  • Facilitation of strategic and creativity sessions;

  • Corporate culture change.

Individual consultations
Individual sessions with middle and senior managers aimed at creating deeper understanding of their own behavioral patterns, their strengths and areas for further professional development.
During such consultations, we may use MBTI, FIRO, EBW questionnaires, as well as 360 reports.

  • “Just promoted” managers (challenges in a new position);

  • Efficient onboarding in a new company;

  • Individual feedback results (based on 360 reports);

  • Communication and management styles issues.

Individual consultations for managers

Consultations help increase personal effectiveness, stable motivation and personal engagement, and hence the overall job satisfaction.

Counseling of career choice and mid-career transition, navigate individuals in changing professional direction and maximizing efficiency on the chosen career path.

Besides that, we provide individual consultations on career orientation for graduates of senior classes, students and their parents.

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