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Online programs

Immigration? Relocation!

The program “Immigration? Relocation!” will help your employees:

  • To deal with a culture shock in a more productive way and increase individual performance

  • To get adapted to a new culture and live more balanced life (even if it is a short-term relocation)

  • To minimize misunderstanding and frustration in business and social situations.


What does the program include?

  • Interactive knowledge share on cross-cultural aspects in communication (once a week);

  • Additional materials (videos, articles for self-study) and tasks to practice new skills;

  • Communication channel to support the participants: answers to urgent questions, information and news sharing;

  • Group coaching: real case studies in a safe environment (small groups once a week);

  • Individual consultations on request.

All the above can be offered in Russian or English.


Building human bridges

Human Bridges is a course designed to help connect people who need to work across cultures. Based on the work of world-leading researchers in culture, but also on first-hand experiences working in multinational corporations and different countries, the program focuses on practical aspects of understanding culture and being understood. Going beyond theory and “exciting stories”, the course will provide down-to-earth guidance on how culture shows itself in the world of work.

Module 1. Human Bridges: Working across Cultures

This module is useful to everybody who is in touch with people from different nationalities or backgrounds – basically most of us. The course gives practical tips on how to be better understood and understand others in order to be successful.

Module 2. Human Bridges: Leading across Cultures

This module delves deeper into how cultural differences might affect relationships between a leader and the team. It allows managers to consider new approaches to performance, motivation, reward and development of their teams; helps them to adapt their leadership style without compromising their authenticity. 

Module 3. Human Bridges: Creating true Inclusion in Diverse teams

This module deals with the topic of Inclusions and Diversity in its wider sense. It helps leaders to review the existing practices in the company to see if they allow all people to feel respected and to realize their potential.

The course is flexible in its format – allowing for full attendance or offering only selected Modules. It is available for face to face and for virtual delivery. For more details, please contact us.

Career navigation for women

A smooth career path or promotions are never guaranteed, and everyone needs support and navigation in the corporate maze. However, for many women the road to success might be full of land mines, and it might not be easy to find the right way. Women face more challenges (both external and internal), so it is only fair if they can use a navigator to help them.

Before the coaching process starts, we provide women with an online course, "A glass ceiling: myth or reality?":

  • Women in business and society

  • Gender diversity – current situation: context, challenges and statistics

  • What are specific challenges women face in corporations?

  • Men and women in leadership – do we really differ?

  • What could we do with a glass ceiling?

This workshop is designed for everybody: men and women, working together in big organizations.

Career Navigator

The navigator will help you to understand where you are now, where you want to go and how to find new ways there using your talents and strengths:

  • How to think of my career strategically

  • What are my real values, strengths and talents

  • My risks and limiting beliefs of myself and others

  • My network: inside and outside the company

  • My action plan and its’ audit on a regular basis.

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