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Financial institutions

Example of the HR related program development

Blended learning session delivery for financial institutions

For some of our clients in this industry, we have delivered classical training programs applying a blended approach, such as webinars before and after the training 360 surveys with individual coaching sessions.

We also run different formats of team sessions (from 0,5 to 2 days) where we focused on solutions to increase team engagement, agreement on current business objectives, or strategy development for their function to support the strategy of the entire company.

One of the most exciting and challenging projects focused on creating a feedback culture in one of the leading international banks operating in Russia. We worked on this project for over a year and, with the bank’s HR and internal communication teams, designed internal events to support new corporate culture, such as corporate Feedback Day, video clips on feedback techniques, posters, creative handouts, etc. The training program was delivered in six Russian regions where the bank operated.

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