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Industrial manufacturer learning case

This project has started with design of the assessment tools. Our consultants created various exercises and group activities for young managers to demonstrate problem-solving skills, result orientation, teamwork and influencing skills. Before running the assessment center we had trained senior managers and formed a group of assessors from external consultants and internal managers.  After […] 

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Food b2b classical training session

Food industry (B2B)

We have been working with this company since 2007 and delivered classical trainings on management and leadership, presentation skills and cross-cultural communication in teams. We have also worked with different regional sales teams in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Europe.  We helped those teams to come to common understanding of the business objectives and priorities, to […]

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Pharma company learning case

Pharma company


In this project we were not involved in the program design and we were asked to deliver a global development program in some European countries. During this program all the participants had various activities and exercises (individually, in pairs, in trios or small groups) as well as got extensive feedback that helped them to create […]

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Financial sector blended learning case

Financial institutions

For some of our clients in this industry we have delivered classical training program applying blended learning such as webinars before and after the training, 360 surveys with individual coaching sessions. We also run different formats of team sessions (from 0,5 to 2 days) where we helped to discuss how to increase engagement in the […]

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IT company leadirship training

IT company


As the client company did not have corporate leadership competencies, we have started the project with focus groups and asked top management team to describe what they thought about efficient leaders for their company and their industry. We also run focus groups for their direct reports, as we wanted to understand needs and expectations from […]

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Consulting services to individuals

If you do not know where to move after relocation to a new country; you feel stuck or you have a professional and emotional burnout; you are not satisfied with your current job or salary and can't progress there - we have excellent methodology to help you.

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Our projects

blended learning

Our projects
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